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Slot Machines by Microgaming

The Peculiarity of Slot Machines from Microgaming

Among the oldest creators of casino games software, Microgaming holds an elite place. Its success and popularity are well known in the iGaming industry. Regarding software for online casinos, the house of Microgaming remains and remains a renowned brand.

This company came out in 1994 with the launch of 'the Gaming Club', its very first game in terms of casino entertainment. For a decade, Microgaming slots have remained the first choice for most players.

When you try Microgaming slots on our site, you will find that these machines all have the special feature of being in 2D. Indeed, for the moment, the publisher did not want to play the 3D card, he wanted to stay in a style that is called in the community the 'old school'. But beware, Microgaming has become a specialist. This is why many gamers swear by this developer.

It is important to know that Microgaming is quite slow in design but at the same time players who like the “brand” are never disappointed, so a good point for Microgaming and for the online casinos that host the games.

The Ones You Absolutely Must Take in Hand

Although we think you should try them all, there are some games that we think are far more exciting than others. We are going to quote you the preferences of the editorial staff so it may not necessarily be very objective but in any case, it will give you something to do at the start, before going for yourself to discover the world of home. Microgaming.

Then there is “Fortune Finder” which is a great classic, then you have “Your Lucky Day” which is huge too and then of course, the essential “Tomb Raider 2”, inspired by the video game which has millions of fans. worldwide.

Now, It's Your Turn to Play

And this expression is to be taken literally, it is up to you to take control of the games on our site which, as you may have noticed, are all free of course because we are not a casino, you are not cannot play for money with us, so we credit you the machine with dummy money that you can always renew.

If at some point you run out of chips then you just have to log out and log back in and you will see your bankroll be positive again.

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